By Walter Wise and Taki Moore

I’ve got a running challenge with one of my clients to extract business lessons from weird places. It all started when he mentioned the book “Everything I know about business, I learned in kindergarten”. Today, I bring you marketing lessons from the man in red…

1. DELIVER ON TIME – Would we still believe in Santa if he missed a year, or came late?

2. EVERYONE LOVES A GIVER – don’t be a taker. Move the free line, and win your prospects over with your generosity. Provide your value out front so they see you differently than they see your competitors.

3. HIRE A TEAM OF HARDWORKING PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD – Santa gets the glory, but the elves work hard to make it all look easy. Maybe you need to hire some elves. (Think hardworking and talented.)

4. BUILD YOUR DATABASE – Santa makes a list, and checks it twice. Most small businesses don’t even have a list.

5. TEACH YOUR CLIENTS HOW TO TREAT YOU – Every kid knows to leave out Milk & Cookies, and leave carrots for the reindeer. Do your clients know how to help you?

6. QUALIFY HARD – Do you grade your prospects and clients? Santa grades KIDS either naughty or nice! Which of your clients have been nice? Which prospect has been naughty. You know what to do…

7. LEVERAGE – Santa has a team of body doubles who work the crowds at every shopping center on the planet for weeks before Christmas. (While the real Santa sips margaritas by the pool at his condo on St. Thomas.)

8. LIMIT ACCESS – Santa’s got things set up, so you can’t get him on the mobile, or just see him whenever you want. You’ve gotta send your request to an obscure PO Box in the North Pole. Are you too easy to get?

9. RUN SPECIAL EVENTS – He’s the original Product Launch Formula guy. He builds massive anticipation, and even gets your kids counting down the sleeps till the big day.

10. COSTUME & SELF PROMOTION – If he just wore regular clothes, he’d be no big deal. Do you have a uniform or logo that defines you as THE go-to-firm?

11. GET OTHERS TO TALK YOU UP – His P.R. elves get everyone talking about Santa, so he never has to talk himself up.

12. BUILD A BUSINESS THAT GIVES YOU FREE TIME – With all his body doubles and the team of elves, Santa really only works a couple of days a year. Most of the list-checking is done in somewhere else these days, so he and the missus get 363 days off, which they spend in the Bahamas, the Mediterranean and Vegas.

There are business lessons everywhere…if you look for them. Feel free to send these lessons on to your clients and prospects if you think it will help them and make you look good.

To generate increased revenue for your firm, implement these actions steps: Value first, Brand second.

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